Many leaders want to transform their organisation into an effective and safe business. What needs to be changed is often more clear than how it should be changed. 2EC’s transformation process is designed to provide the steps needed. The process consists of seven stepping stones that support leaders and helps navigate the path forward.



Every organisation has its own way of working. The process is designed to build on what exists rather than fundamentally change it. 2EC’s tools for transformation empowers the leaders and individuals to become self-sufficient in thriving a healthy safety culture.

2EC Clients that have implemented the transformation process have indicated that it not only provides enhanced safety performance but also positively impacts resilience capacities, enhanced work and project delivery, analytic skills, systemic awareness, innovation abilities, and accountability.

What's Included

  • Collaborative development of a transformation roadmap.
  • An organisational cultural assessment.
  • Tailored process for the transformational change based on the cultural findings.
  • Guidance and capacity building through the seven step process.
  • Easy-to-use tools and methods for sustainable internal capacity.
  • Training of internal agents for transformational change.
  • Train-the-trainer materials, guidance materials and toolbox booklets.
  • Transformation Process


    Vision & Alignement

    Deep Dive

    Desired State

    Capacity Building




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