2EC works with tools that makes a difference

2EC has developed a multitude of user-friendly tools. These tools are based upon research and international experience in safety science, social and behavioural science. The tools are human-centric and therefore applicable to any culture around the world. They are designed to be integrated into the organisation’s way of working. Below we introduce the purpose behind a selection of tools in the 2EC toolbox. 



A Log-In increases focus, builds up the desired atmosphere and frames  the meeting. It helps to reveal what feelings and thoughts are present in the room.
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Small Groups

Small  Groups is a tool for gathering input, sorting out  information in a collaborative manner,  and creating  shared understanding.  It  is a  participatory  tool that  creates a high level of engagement.
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Surfacing Assumptions

Surfacing underlying assumption  is critical for safety  within organisations.  The tool Surfacing Assumptions examines and makes individuals and teams aware of  what is assumed and taken for granted.
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Humble Inquiry

Based on Edgar Schein's book "Humble Inquiry" Humble Inquiry¹ is the art  of asking questions to explore what others think, know or feel.
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Reflecting Team

Reflecting Team  provides  time and space for reflection through sharing knowledge and personal experiences.
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Meta Communication

This tool  can facilitate  conversations that are more to the point and sensitive to the most important thoughts and feelings. Additionally,  Meta Communication can be used to obtain direct feedback on how the communication can be improved.
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It can be used to help new participants get to know each other while also serving as an “ice-breaker”, or utilised in teambuilding, as well as use as an energiser during a longer session.
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