Safety Culture Assessments

Proactively identifying cultural strengths and areas in need of improvement has demonstrated to be pivotal for safety. This can be done through a recognised safety culture assessment methodology. Effective organisations conduct both independent and self-assessments periodically.  

Safety Culture assessments


The concept of safety culture originated from the Chornobyl nuclear accident investigation in 1986. Since then lessons have been learned with respect to the importance of proactively proactively working with safety culture. One important first step  is through the implementation of safety culture assessments.

2EC provides independent safety culture assessments based upon an internationally recognised methodology. Training on conducting safety culture self-assessment based on 2EC’s methodology is also available.

What's Included; Independent Safety Culture Assessment

  • High quality assessment conducted by a team of experienced experts.
  • Internationally recognized methodology entailing interviews, focus groups, document reviews, observations and questionnaire.
  • Report presenting results, conclusion and actionable recommendations.
  • Workshops to communicate the report findings through dialogue to deepen the shared understanding of the culture for safety.
  • What's Included;
    Self-assessment Training

  • Experience based learning on how to perform safety culture assessment.
  •  Familiarisation of different normative safety culture frameworks.
  • Training materials and guidance for the implementation  of self-assessments.
  • Enhanced skills to detect safety culture strengths and areas in need of improvement in the organisation’s daily activities.

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