Vision Statement

"2EC leads and evolves people and organisations to a safer future, world wide."

Mission Statement

“2EC enables transformation through tangible tools and concepts. We facilitate change as it happens that allows leadership and culture for safety to thrive.

We base our work on the organisation’s own capacity and grow a “We-Work” partnership. Our focus is presencing, listening and generating co-created long-term solutions for safety and viable business.

We work dynamically and proactively with complexity because systemic and cultural awareness are crucial factors in safety.”

This mission statement describes the essence of how 2EC operates. 2EC uses this statement as a guide in interactions with partners, clients and within the 2EC team. How? By having open and authentic dialogues; to listen, understand and broaden our perspectives to continuously evolve. The work 2EC does and the experts chosen to collaborate with are selected to be proficient for the client’s specific needs. Sustainable transformational change requires a full-hearted We-Work between the client, the subject matter experts and 2EC. 

Value Statements

2EC stands up for safety.

2EC cares about people and the planet.

2EC honours scientific research and lessons learned from experience.

2EC pursues true honesty and transparency.

2EC embraces diversity.


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