Learning Lab: Systemic Health for Leaders

Systemic Health for Leaders is an experience based, immersive and interactive Lab. In a spectacular environment, leaders and high performers will enjoy, recharge and learn how to practically implement creative forms of individual resilience.

Strengthening individual resilience capabilities for a healthy and sustainable future

Organisations have become increasingly demanding. A place where it is required that, especially management at all levels, be more and more faster, more agile, more decisive. This is causing that the time available for reflection, conversations and attention to relevant details is dramatically decreasing.

In this Learning Lab you will have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and with nature; dedicate time to enhance self-knowledge, learning and leisurely analysis of situations, gain new insights and tools for navigating more resilient in the future.

The Lab is created to build skills and capabilities that can be integrated into daily work. The laboratory is designed to be a lifelong learning on how to be a better leader through self-leadership. Specifically aimed at those who work under pressure and wish to become more resilient in stressful situations. The Lab is available to different type of industries.

four areas for leaders

The design of the Lab having a “Learning-by-doing approach” and is highly interactive. Participants will learn through games, talks & dialogues, reflections, exercises and from each other. The participants take-aways will be except from new insights; tools, methods, templates, personalised learning journals with a plan forward. Follow-up activities and continued networking will also be included to ensure longevity. The content of the Learning Lab is divided into 4 interconnected areas.

Systemic Approach

  • The bigger picture; the universe of a leader
  • Systemic leadership; building sustainable relationships
  • Interconnectivity; realistic view of control and influence of the system
  • Individual resilience; what it means in practice
  • The never-ending flow of activities; time, agility and situations management


  • Sustainable high performance; science-based approaches to build resilience
  • Body & mind; finding the balance for effective self-leadership
  • Wise decision making; understanding the brain logic
  • Coaching practices to Evolve; a collegial tool to help the balancing
  • Personalised way forward; creation of an individual Game-Plan

Individual Resilience

  • Managing the unexpected; learning your own response and building resilience
  • Emotional self-awareness; managing performance pressure
  • Learner mindset; fostering the natural curiosity
  • Knowing and setting margins; constructive communication and feedback
  • Vitalising the mind; unlearning and creating new synapses

Shaping the Future

  • Purpose for the future; setting the course to a desired state
  • Embody the Game-Plan; identify and activate your support system
  • The way forward; a commitment to a systemic and healthier future
  • Follow-up and coaching sessions; assuring sustainability
  • Growing the network; the SHL International Community

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10th-13th October 2023


7th-10th November 2023

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