Learning Forum: Anatomy of Accidents

Most accidents are preventable. To better understand the fundamentals of safety related to human and organisational factors is a good investment – also for the viability of the business.

Safety starts with a better understanding of the complexity of why accidents happens.

Knowing the anatomy of accidents creates proactiveness in daily work conduct. Having a well-informed work force provides safety margins. In this forum the participants will gain life-long learnings about the anatomy of accidents, which will shape safer behaviours for today and the future.

This learning forum takes a deeper look on studies based on accidents in several industries, for example Oil & Gas, Aviation, Nuclear Power and many more. The design of the forum is experience based with case studies, exercises, dialogues, reflection, games and practical tools.

Anatomy of Accidents is conducted in collaboration with Monica Haage and Teemu Reiman.

AoA is based on

Studies from

  • Oil & gas
  • Aviation
  • Nuclear power
  • Maritime
  • Space Shuttles
  • Construction industry
  • Health care
  • Renewables (wind/solar)


  • Safety 
  • Human and behavioural
  • Manufacturing 
  • Industry processes


  • Systemic Approach to Safety 
  • Managing the Unexpected
  • Resilience
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Human, Technical and Organisational Factors (HTO)

Three Levels of AoA

Interested in the Anatomy of Accidents? Register for the next upcoming Learning Forum - Level 1.

Date: 25th - 27th October 2023
Place: Malmö City Centre, Sweden
Price: 1,600€


Included in the price: Participation fee, materials, lunch, coffee/tea/refreshments.
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Are you representing an organisation?

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