Executive Coaching

Being at the top can be isolating sometimes. Even executives can benefit from a good mentor and friend. 2EC can provide the right support that matches the needs for your executives and organisation. 

Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is a great method to broaden perspectives and see beyond one’s own horizon. 2EC’s approach is to ask questions to unleash new potential and solutions to managerial dilemmas. The coaching can aid in making the right decisions in complex situations. It can also be used for testing new ideas before implementing them. To have a personal coach is valuable for individual growth as well as for the organisation’s development.

What's Included

  • Introduction and consultation to ensure a right match between the executive and coach.
  • Regular coaching sessions with a specialised senior coach.
  • Mentoring and guidance based on international expertise.
  • Familiarisation with 2EC’s tool; Coaching to Evolve.
  • Tangible progress measurement tool.
  • Possibility for on-call coaching service.



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