Dynamic Project

2EC has created a plug-in product for any type of project model in order to secure not only a successful project, but also evolving the capacity for enhanced holistic project management. Dynamic Project aids in understanding the different phases of a project and ties it closely to the team who is executing the project. 

Dynamic Project


Experience has shown that human and organisational factors play an essential part in whether or not a project will become successful. Often projects run into unexpected situations, that can easily jeopardise the success of the project. Being proactive by considering the human and organisational factors by investing in the Preject phase – before the project starts – has proven to be valuable and cost-effective.

What's Included

  • Train-the-trainer materials on the Dynamic Project tool.
  • Easy-to-use toolkit, specifically designed for project management.
  • Dynamic Project manual containing theory and implementation of a successful project.
  • Creative workshop sessions for teams to evolve their project capacities.


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