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2EC’s experts have long and in-depth experience in their respective fields. The hallmark of 2EC is delivering products based on We-Work, learning-by-doing and Co-Creation with a strong focus on knowledge transfer. 2EC specialises in creating a shared understanding of complexity and systemic relationships. For 2EC, it is important to consistently work for and with our values. The work we do provides opportunities for empowerment, while integrating science, technology and innovation.

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Monica Haage

Monica Haage is the creator of the international Evolving Energy Consortium 2EC. She has twenty years of experience in supporting organisations to evolve the area of human and organisational factors. Her special focus is on leadership, management and culture for safety as well as a systemic approach to safety. Her recent work is focused on resilience capacity building.

Monica’s specialty is to bridge safety science into user-friendly tools and practical approaches that support individuals, teams and organisations. During her tenure as an international senior safety specialist she has significantly contributed to, in collaboration with frontier experts, the area of human and organisational factors and leadership, management and culture for safety.

Before establishing the international consortium 2EC, Monica served as a Senior Nuclear Safety Specialist at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in Paris and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. Monica also has experience from her employment at the Swedish Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant and Scandinavian Airlines. During her work at 2EC, she has gained additional experience from other industries, such as oil and gas – upstream, midstream and distribution. Monica is also delivering support to new-build, operations and decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

Monica has led the development of several IAEA publications in the above areas. Examples include the IAEA safety culture assessment methodology (ISCA/SCSA) – Performing Safety Culture Self-Assessments, which is part of the IAEA Safety Culture Continuous Improvement Process (SCCIP). Monica was the IAEA technical lead for the analysis of the human and organisational/safety culture underlying causes of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident. She has a degree in Engineering (Automation) and a degree in Social Psychology (Leadership and Organisational Theory.

"It is not rocket science, it is behavioural science."
Monica Haage

Evelyn is a specialist in Creative Leadership, focused on enhancing innovation in organisations. Evelyn has experience in organisational development, co-creation, team building, conflict resolution and human centred design. Her competence lies in helping groups create shared understanding and to form long-term strategies for leaders and employees in small as well as large organisations. 

In her academic career, she has studied at the Kaospilot Business School in Aarhus, social anthropology at Lund’s University, architecture at the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego, as well as at the Technical University of Vienna.

Evelyn has developed experience-based leadership trainings with an emphasis on human-centred methods for change. She creates result-oriented, sustainable and transformative solutions and is constantly generating new, effective and smart solutions to complex problems. Lately, Evelyn’s focus has been on creating methods for cultural development within the virtual meeting environment with the help of digital facilitation. These sessions have been focusing on visualising and including interactive elements in the virtual space. 

Evelyn has worked on several projects; Hyper Island Karlskrona, Habitat dos Mellos in Brazil, Green Releaf in the Philippines and One Million Children Voices in South Africa. The projects have primarily focused on post-disaster management and community collaboration; how the local communities can come together as a group and find better solutions in their lives. Evelyn also has experience working in the oil and gas industry, and enjoys working at the off-shore sites and in evolving leadership and culture for safety.

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"I find listening to be the most rewarding skill one can know."
Evelyn Ayompe



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