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Evolving Energy Consortium 2EC is a consortium of experts with over a hundred years of internationally accumulated experience in nuclear power, oil & gas, aviation and other industries prioritising safety. 2EC delivers capacity building assistance to organisations who are committed to continuously evolving safety, resilience and a viable business.

The focus is practical approaches to evolve the leadership and culture for safety to transform the organisation’s overall performance. 2EC deliver services worldwide through its international network of high-level subject matter experts. 


Resilience - Managing the Unexpected

Capacity building for organisational resilience through thriving agile, adaptive, flexible and systemic ways of working.
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Leadership for Safety

Hands-on training for all levels of leaders e.g., board members, executive managers, middle managers and supervisors.
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A module-based process leading to a step-by-step organisational transformation.
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Safety Culture Assessments

Conducting of independent safety culture assessments as well as training for performing safety culture self-assessments.
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Moving Minds

A product to align and successfully achieve common goals.
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Dynamic Project

Dynamic Project is a plug-in product to ensure sustainable and successful projects.
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Executive Coaching

Coaching adapted to executives' needs for evolving themselves and their organisations.
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Virtual DJ

Facilitation and design of virtual and hybrid meetings, to increase productivity and energy during the session.
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Our approach to lasting organisational change

2EC’s recipe for a lasting transformation includes a systemic understanding, skilful listening and a close collaboration with the entire organisation. To be actively participating in the organisational transformation and understanding the purpose behind is key. We define these ingredients as We-Work and capacity building, based on scientific research.



For sustainable results, when working with change, experience has demonstrated that a close collaboration between the subject matter experts and the client organisation is vital. A seamless collaboration enhances the success of a rapid transformation. True and fundamental change happens through this We-Work approach.

Capacity Building

Every organisation has its own identity. We boost that core with our tangible tools and empower what already exists. While working dynamically and systemically, we ensure that what is learned is integrated into daily activities. The goal is always that the client organisation will have the capacity to continuously evolve without continued external support.
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Solid base

The tools and approaches that 2EC uses are based upon science, research and international experience. It is important to deliver support with a solid and factual basis, especially when working with industries dealing with high risks. Our unique expertise and approach is to take state of the art research and convert it into easy-to-use tools and concepts which will make efficient and effective improvements for our clients.



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